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Symposium of French and Slovenian Literary Translators

Paris, 15th and 16th November 2013

Removing “Berlin Walls” in minds of Europeans by literary translations

The fall of the wall which, from the end of the second world war till 1989, was physically dividing East and West Berlin, has become a symbol of eliminating the political separation of Europe into Western and Eastern bloc. But can we, two decades later, openly claim that “Berlin Walls” in our minds have fallen too?
The role of literary translator is to mediate between the culture of the original text and the culture receiving the translated text. But translator’s effort is not limited to a bare technical translating from one language into another; by literary translating one “transfers” the world of the original culture into a context of the world of receiving culture. Thus the translation of any literary text (the same goes for the works from the field of human sciences) enables a reader to get a direct contact with other cultures and, consequently, to learn about other, often quite different worlds. No doubt, a confrontation with culturally different symbolic and semiotic systems enriches the reader (as well as the translator) and stimulates one to cogitate, make comparisons, and reflect on the subject. In this way, translated literature expands the reader’s horizons, and stimulates one’s tolerance towards the others and however different. Literary translations thus make a significant contribution to surpassing stereotypes and prejudices that Europeans still cultivate of one another.
The symposium of literary translators in Paris is the fourth in the series of international colloquia organized by the Slovenian Association of Literary Translators. Previous symposia took place in Berlin, Germany (2010), Prague, Czech Republic (2011), and Bielsko-Biała, Poland (2012). The main purpose of these colloquia is to bring together translators from different parts of Europe and enable them to exchange their experience in person. In Paris, translators from France and Slovenia shall present – in their papers and by participating in a panel discussion – their particular working achievements, experiences, views, and actual approaches in translating literary texts from different languages. As proven before: such personal contacts and an open exchange of opinions make the way to new insights and creative solutions.
Cultural and artistic programme in Paris and Tinqueux – a presentation of eight Slovenian literary authors – shall be open to wider French audience.

Slovenian poets and/or translators (in alphabetical order): Mateja Bizjak Petit, Tatjana Jamnik, Kristina Hočevar, Dejan Koban, Barbara Korun, Taja Kramberger, Gašper Malej, Iztok Osojnik, Drago B. Rotar

French translators, authors and editors (in alphabetical order): Jérôme Carassou, Sarah Cillaire, Martin Daneš, Lenka Horňáková-Civade,  Olivier Mannoni, Monika Próchniewicz, Anne-Marie Tatsis-Botton

Organized by:
Društvo slovenskih književnih prevajalcev / Slovenian Association of Literary Translators, Slovenia
in cooperation with:
Literarno društvo IA / Literary Association IA, Slovenia
KUD AAC Zrakogled / Cultural and Artistic Association Zrakogled, Slovenia
KUD Police Dubove / Polica Dubova Cultural and Artistic Association, Slovenia
INALCO, Paris, France
Antenne slovène de la Maison de la Poésie – Hiša slovenske poezije, Tinqueux, France

Centre national du livre, Paris, France
Association de traducters littéraires de France, Paris, France

The event is supported by Slovenian Book Agency.

Friday, 15th November
Centre National du Livre (Hôtel d’Avejan, 53, rue de Verneuil, 75343 Paris)
Lecture room “Cahiers du sud”
9:30–9:45    official opening of the symposium
9:45–12:00     participants’ papers
•    Jérôme Carassou: The wall that hides the others
•    Iztok Osojnik: A short lecture on transcending the metaphysics of translating poetry
•    Lenka Horňáková-Civade: Self-translation, creation and betrayal
•    Barbara Korun: Translating from the third, non-Indoeuropean language (Finnish) through English in co-operation with authors
12:00–12:30     coffee break
12:30–14:30    participants’ papers
•    Martin Daneš: Translating humor is not funny
•    Sarah Cillaire, Monika Próchniewicz: A revue Retors.net and translation duet
•    Gašper Malej: Some problem and theoretical foundations of translations and translators of contemporary Italian literature in Slovenian cultural context
•    Barbara Korun: (Finnish) foundations and associations as a form of authors’ and translators’ self-organization
14:30–15:00    conclusive remarks and short discussion (moderated by Tatjana Jamnik, Iztok Osojnik)

Saturday, 16th November
Centre National du Livre (Hôtel d’Avejan, 53, rue de Verneuil, 75343 Paris)
Lecture room “Cahiers du sud”
10:00–11:30    participants’ papers
•    Anne-Marie Tatsis-Botton: An original translation experience: the original exists in two languages
•    Tatjana Jamnik: On ethics of translation: responsibility towards the Other (a relationship between a female translator and a female writer)
•    Olivier Manoni: When a translation pierces the Wall
11:30–12:00    conclusive remarks and short discussion (moderated by Iztok Osojnik, Tatjana Jamnik)

INALCO (65, rue des Grands Moulins, 75214 Paris)
Lecture room 3.08
16:30–16:45    To Be One's Own Translation – a fragment of a video performance (KUD AAC Zrakogled)
16:45–18:30    A free poet in a land of pretenses? Reading of Slovenian poets (poetry reading and discussion) (organized and moderated by Pauline Fournier, Taja Kramberger, Drago B. Rotar; in cooperation with Literary Association IA & Slovenian Association of Literary Translators)

Monday, 18th November
Antenne slovène de la Maison de la Poésie - Hiša slovenske poezije (Centre Culturel, Centre de Créations pour l’Enfance, 8, rue Kléber, 51430 Tinqueux)
19:30–20:30    Poetic permanence – reading of Slovenian poets (moderated by Ana Geršak) (Literary Association IA)
20:30–21:30    video performance To be one's own translation     (KUD AAC Zrakogled)

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